Best Holiday Books: A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas

a_pirates_night_before_christmasAlright, ladies and gentleman…it’s December 1st and that means our annual countdown of the best holiday books for your little ones! First off, for those of you tired of the same-old ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, fear not! Philip Yates’ A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas is just the thing. This hilarious spoof on Clement C. Moore’s holiday classic will have your children giggling all the way down to their wooden leg. Imagine everything children love about pirates – treasure maps, eye patches, missing limbs, scurvy landlubbers – this book has them in spades. And with Sebastia Serra’s gorgeously whimsical illustrations, this books is a must-have this holiday season.  I mean, who could resist a book that begins with ”Twas the night before Christmas aboard the Black Sark./Not a creature was stirrin’, not even a shark!” I know my sons can’t. And, secretly, neither can I. A perfect holiday gift for your little landlubber or scallywag. Check back tomorrow for our next recommendation!

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