Yuck, A Love Story

For any of you who, at one time or another, had your braids pulled, your teddy bear stolen or your name turned into some sort of nasty rhyme (I was Katie Katie Cleaning Lady…sigh) by a boy in your class and then had your mother tell you he was only doing it because he liked you, you’re in luck. Don Gillmor’s absolutely adorable book, Yuck, a Love Story, is a step back in time when crushes happened out of the blue and manifested themselves in the strangest ways. Little Austin Grouper is just toodling along, living the life of a typical boy, when suddenly a little girl named Amy moves in next door. And miraculously (or horrifically as the case may be) Austin develops a bit of a crush on her. And his way of showing it vacillates between telling her she has a small brain to later, quite literally, lasso-ing the moon for her and dropping it in her backyard. First love is captured so honestly and hilariously, you won’t be able to stifle those nostalgic giggles. And with Marie-Louise Gay’s inimitable illustrations (you’ll remember her from Stella) this book is an instant treasure….or I’m not Katie Katie Cleaning Lady…

2 thoughts on “Yuck, A Love Story

  1. katie katie cleaning lady hee hee- i got boothanaj (tortured version of “bethany”).

    • Ugh! How awful were those elementary school nicknames. Although I shudder to think what my nickname now could possible be…: )
      Thanks so much for following my blog and commenting! Happy to have you!

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