Mitchell’s License

Growing up, there was this little boy named Mitchell who always got into loads of mischief. Mitchell removed all the wallpaper from his room. Mitchell was found scaling the roof. And, on one occasion, Mitchell’s mother looked out the window and saw Mitchell riding the back of the garbage truck as it drove by. So, for me, the name Mitchell has always been synonymous with adventure and just the slightest amount of naughtiness. Imagine my delight at finding Hallie Durand and Tony Fucile’s amazing romp of a book, Mitchell’s License.  In it, a similarly rambunctious child named Mitchell gets his license to drive at the ripe old age of three years, nine months and five days old. Enter Mitchell’s amazing dad who is more than happy to serve as imaginary vehicle for Mitchell’s inaugural drive to bed. After sufficiently checking all apparati on the dad-mobile, Mitchell takes off and we take off right with him. Durand and Fucile have served up an imaginative, funny, quirky book that will captivate children and parents alike. And for all those parents who have ever served as their child’s car, bus, trolley or mighty steed, you’ll recognize the amazing lengths we’ll go to to please our beloved children. As for my Mitchell? I’ve heard he’s now an Air Force instructor. Which just goes to show you that a ride on a garbage truck can actually take you pretty far…

2 thoughts on “Mitchell’s License

  1. Dearest Katie……I just accidentally discovered your children’s book blog and imagine my surprise when I read your review of Mitchell’s License! As I was reading, I was thinking, this sound familiar…..then it dawned on me, not only was it familiar, it was us! And yes, he still is a daredevil and a bit naughty, but in his line of work those a positive attributes. Love you much, Karen. P.S. I’m forwarding this to Mitchell….he’ll love it.

    • Dear Karen,

      What a treat to get your comment! I hope you don’t mind that I used Mitchell as inspiration for my review…the similarities were just too wonderful to pass up! I’m so glad you found this, and me! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and New Year – and wishing you a beautiful 2013.

      Lots of love

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