Wednesday: The Secret Art of Dr. Suess

First of all, happy birthday my dear Dr. Suess! And thank you for enriching the lives of my children and children around the world. Everyone has a favorite Dr. Suess book – Oh, the Places You’ll Go…The Foot Book…Cat in the Hat…and I just wasn’t quite sure which one I would choose for today’s spotlight…But then I remembered something my dear friend Joanna told me long ago – that Dr. Suess had a large collection of artwork beyond the fox in socks and the lorax and horton..and that this artwork was indeed even more splendiforous than we could imagine.  Upon hearing this, I immediately went online to try to find a book of his artwork and, lo and behold, came to find The Secret Art of Dr. Suess. You don’t have to be a true Suess-o-phile to find this book amazing –  it’s like a little secret treasure, a gem of a book (with an introduction by Maurice Sendak, no less…) that further emphasizes Dr. Suess’ contribution to not only literature but the art world as well…Labeled as artwork for adults, the art inside this lovely book will appeal to people of all ages, for Dr. Suess’ inimitable humor and whimsy comes through in technicolor. Take his Angry Pig in which a, well, an irate pig stares down a South American villager. Or his Impractical Marshmallow Toasting Device which you’ll just have to see for yourself. This book is rich in art, laughter, beauty and imagination – a perfect combination for adults and children alike.

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