The Shop Around the Corner

anyone remember “the shop around the corner”? the utterly heavenly bookstore of meg ryan’s in “you’ve got mail”? or perhaps you remember, like I do, growing up with a small locally-owned bookstore in your neighborhood or town where you knew the family who owned it and they always had the best recommendations on what books a little person like me should read next? if you were fortunate enough to grow up with a small bookstore in your hometown, then this is the list for you…edrants just published a fabulous list of independent bookstores ( in the wake of borders’ bankrupty filing) to further emphasize the importance of these establishments in our life.

so go out and visit one – find one in your community and experience firsthand why we need them now more than ever. and for those of you who, like me, discovered a literary treasure on the braided rug carpet of your local bookstore,  let’s spread the word, take our children, spend our money and remember that sometimes (most times) smaller is indeed better.

One thought on “The Shop Around the Corner

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