Tuesday: The Three Robbers

My boys love this book – not only because it has robbers in it but because it’s the only book we’ve found with a “blunderbuss” in it.  The three robbers are just that – thieves with hats shaped like rooftops, who spend their days pillaging stagecoaches and homes in the village. But one night, inside a recently seized coach, they find Tiffany – small orphan girl who was on her way to be delivered to a wicked aunt. Suddenly, and without warning, the three robbers find themselves thawing to the sweetness of this little girl and pledge to spend all of the money their acquired so wickedly to create a castle and town for all of the little orphans of the world. What started with a pepper spray, an axe, and the much-loved blunderbuss, culminates then in a very happy ending for them all. Tomi Ungerer is a favorite of mine, and this is the best of the best. If you can, run out to the library or book store to buy the Scholastic Inc., video of this book – it’s fantastic.  And here it is!

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