Thursday: CDB

We all love William Steig. From “Shrek” to “The Magic Pebble” to “Dr. DeSoto”, dear Mr. Steig can do no wrong. And in the eyes of my two sons, his best work is, by far, “CDB!” – a collection of letter riddles and illustrations that are totally impossible to resist. “CDB” shows two children looking at a bee. Get it? C…D…B? See the Bee? OK. How about this one…a little boy watching a larger boy lick a delicious lollipop says “I N-V U.” Get it? I envy you? Now you’re getting to the brilliance that is Steig and the amazing time you and your children will have figuring out some of the harder ones.  For the adult crowd, the best is “D Y-N S X-L-N.” Let that one breathe for a while…

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